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Welcome to Scottish Mausoleum

The world’s first post-Reformation mausoleum (lowland Scots “mausolie”) was built in 1594 in the Kirkyard of Kilbirnie Auld Kirk, Ayrshire.m2

Since then, a great many other mausolea (plural of mausoleum) have been built throughout Scotland, in all different architectural styles and for all sorts of historical reasons. Many of these special type of tombs are in serious disrepair, at risk or simply being lost through a lack of public knowledge or local council neglect.

There is currently no available comprehensive information on this specialist type of building, so we have established a small Scottish charity, and a Facebook study group to try to save lost information and images of Scottish Mausolea before they disappear for ever.

By joining the Scottish Mausoleum Facebook Group you show your interest and this helps us to demonstrate that there is indeed a reason to preserve this rich part of Scottish Heritage.

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