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Scottish Mausoleum is currently a public interest voluntary group although an application to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation is in process.

The organisation’s purposes are:

  • Seek to explore, document and conserve the environment and natural habitat surrounding individual Scottish mausolea, so that any public access advocated may be granted in a responsible and sustainable manner;
  • Build a public access strategy, using technology, that will protect individual mausolea and enable widest possible access by the public, tourists, academics or other interested party;
  • Stimulate, encourage, and participate in the conservation and restoration of individual mausolea;
  • Promote clarity in Scottish law for a civic responsibility in ownership of post-reformation Scottish mausolea, and work with relevant stakeholders to find a way of protecting this heritage for the future;
  • Research and document the history relating to individual mausolea, and make that history available on the internet including print, photographic or video information where available;
  • Locate, catalogue and promote these mausolea in Scotland and make the details available to the public in an index (primarily internet based);
  • Within the operating area of Scotland, define, research and document the various kinds of post-reformation Scottish mausolea and how their evolution affected worldwide modern practices in the disposal of the dead and ideas for monumental funerary architecture;
  • Collaborate with other British and other worldwide bodies who may be concerned with similar objectives as above;
  • Engage in other activities (including fundraising) with the primary purpose of that activity is to increase public awareness of Scottish mausolea.

This is a moderated website so please feel free to leave a comment in the boxes provided throughout the website or send us an email at admin@ScottishMausoleum.org.

Our address for correspondence is:

The Secretary, Scottish Mausoleum, 18 Castle View, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, KA23 9HD

5 Responses to About Us

  1. kirsten says:

    Looking for advise. Field next to mausoleum at fordmouth bridge,(Wilson) has a planning application for 20,000 solar panels pending. Any help as to the argument for protecting the view and setting of this mausoleum and final resting ground of souls within would be gratefully received. Thank you

    • Stephen Brown says:

      Hi Kirsty
      I tried looking up an image of this Mausoleum and all I can find is a four walled structure that looks like a run down church. Not sure how that would correspond to a Mausoleum definition except if the locals have called it one. The pictures I saw, showed a very uncared for building in which sheep and cattle are being kept. As the proposed development is in the field next door, it is hard to see how one might object. If the building was popular with the locals, or cared for, or if there was any proposal underway to restore it so that the public can visit it, or of historic or architectural importance then perhaps you might cause them to pause. But it doesn’t look like any of these apply. Even then, if the proposal is in the field next door, then that might actually afford some kind of protection on the Mausoleum until a generation comes along that actually cares about these buildings.
      Our charity is not about fighting planning proposals, but about researching the history of mausolea. If you have any details of this, and any recent photographs, please do send them to us and I will gladly put them on our “Scottish Mausoleum” Facebook Page. In that way, you can gather support for your cause much more easily and ask others to contribute research and help for your campaign.
      I may ask the trustees to visit the site in the next few weeks to see if we can come up with anything.
      Hope that helps
      My personal email is stephen@yerton.com
      Best of luck
      Stephen Brown

  2. kirsten says:

    Hi Thanks for your help. The mausoleum is listed on your website. Will send you photos.

  3. kirsten says:

    And I should also say it is a listed building, Grade C

    • Stephen Brown says:

      Thanks so much Kirsten, it would be useful to see the photos (my email is stephen@yerton.com). Getting a listing is a protection certainly, though a C is buildings of local interest and I suspect will not afford much protection were it to get in the way. I don’t think it will mean anything for developments nearby. You could research it’s history to see if anything comes up that could get it to a B or even an A, but I guess it would need to be in pretty good condition for that.
      Best wishes

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